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"Explaining what art is can't be done. It's like explaining love. Both exist, but they must be experienced rather than explained." ~Aaron Laidig

I want to break the rules and do the unthinkable. I want to explain what can't be explained. Or rather, I want to attempt to explain my process and my goals for you as you explore my art and process it.


First, understand that you are on a journey. Whether my art speaks to you or not, it is a process just like you. It's fluid and changeable. Nothing is concrete. All is whimsy. What you embrace or deny is up to you. 

I assume that right now you are just blending in, getting by and afraid to make waves. I assume this simply because that is what most of society does. They settle. They conform. They live in black and white.


I hope my art and my social media posts will encourage you to step out and DREAM

I endeavor to make art that anchors you creatively so that you are inspired to live big, take risks and embrace whimsy.  When you do this, my art will become just another thing in the room. You won't need a statement piece.


You will become the shining  masterpiece in the room.


Support the journey (and this artist) by hanging your favorite phase of the journey on your wall, not to overshadow you, but to encourage you to keep your sparkle alive. Embrace the whimsy, enjoy the journey. 

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